From the recording The Song of the Water Kelpie

Like many tunes from the Isle of Man, the sea is never far from it. I tried to keep the motion of the sea in it by using a bass line of nothing but eighth notes – no rests, no stops.  I have a vision of the sea patting softly against the hull of a small wooden boat while I was working on it.
I use it in my storytelling, for a story from the Hebrides - one of the best variations I've ever heard of the Selkie myth: Mairi and the Seal, which I have from Duncan Williamson. 
Duncan was one of the last of the traveler people of Great Britain, and prior to his death in 2007 he was considered a cultural treasure of the British Isles.  I contacted him when I was hoping to tell "Mairi and the Seal" at the Two Rivers Storytelling Festival and not only did he give me permission to tell the story, he went on to comment on how few tellers these days ask for permission - then he gave me permission to tell any story of his. 
A gracious gentleman, who could also weave baskets and build a fine dry-stone wall.