Silverwheel is the long-awaited first CD. 

In ancient Celtic myth the Silverwheel was a metaphor for the place where the soul rests between lives.

In "Silverwheel" Darren sings selections from the emotional range of a human lifetime: an innocent youth hopes to win the love of his "Cavan Girl," and an old man recalls his lost home in "The Rare Oul' Times."  A poor farm labourer recalls how his life changed at the "Hiring Fair," and a man recalls the simple joy that was "The Summer Before the War."

His Celtic harp solos range from the simple lightness of "Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady," to the sentimentality of "When My False Love Was True," and from the spooky "Song of the Water Kelpie" to the wrenching "Carolan's Farewell to Music."

Until I find a vendor to handle the sales, drop an email to for a copy.