Well, folks, this is a new CD that will reach any heart that wants to get in touch with itself. And what a CD it is! It would be terrible understatement to say that "he's a little bit good." He is lots good. It is evident he understands the Celtic tradition and the music tradition that derives from it. He's a guy whose musical interpretations are thoughtful and masterful. The site linked above is to CD Baby where the CD is available at the modest price of $13.00. There are sound samples you can listen to. His work is beautiful. Up front, a buck and change per song to hear a master at work is the best deal you're gonna get in these times. His singing and harp playing complement each other with taste and class. This is a CD that collectors will want to have on their shelves.” - Bruce Murdoch

— The Mudcat Cafe

This is the simplest of CDs in one way--just a man and his harp--no frills. Yet Darren Raleigh manages to keep things interesting enough to hold your attention well for the entire 10 tracks on his album, "Silverwheel". This is squarely in the Celtic genre, and those who enjoy a good harp will feel satisfied after giving this a listen. Raleigh takes his music very seriously, and considers himself a story teller as well as a musician. He has led a very interesting life, which undoubtedly has contributed to his music, and has done things such as travel as a street harper and participate in Renaissance Fairs around the country. Raleigh studied music as a child, returning to it later in life and finding his passionate spirit best reflected in the tones of the harp. The tracks here vary from sprightly to sentimental, and the musicianship is quite good. Vocals are less frequent than the sound of the strings, which is a nice emphasis in that you just get to listen to the man play. What could be too much harp for some will be a welcome amount for those who love this instrument's sound--it is the centerpiece of the album and is pure as can be.” - Catherine L. Tully

Celtic MP3's Music Magazine

If you enjoy live music, why not have a concert in your own home? Your living room is the ideal venue for local musician Darren Raleigh, a Celtic bard to the modern world.” - David Krause

— DSM Magazine