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Darren Raleigh: Pictures

<center>What I look like these days.
Recording Silverwheel at the first Skyline Audio in Des Moines.
Busking at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire, back when it was at Waterworks Park.
This is Aoife - the harp that recorded Silverwheel.  36 strings on hand-carved myrtle wood.  The frame supports a string tension of over 1,400 pounds.
From one of my storytelling shows - Mr. Scratch from The Devil and Daniel Webster.
How long do I have to hold up this tree?  Busking at the Southern (California) Renaissance Faire.
Raving fans don't get much more raving than this.  This note, from the fiddler for Pipe & Bowl Morris, helped me cadge a set of passes to SRPF '87.
Aoife and I during one of our sets at the Celtic Festival of the Quad Cities, September 20, 2013
Flying soldiers and their gear between Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan.
Flying people to the hospitals.
A much younger me, but even then living in the myth.